As a child, I was constantly taking apart anything and everything I could get my hands on, a tendency that often landed me in trouble. Whether it was my toy cars or my father’s model train set, I wanted to know how everything worked and to explore all of the unique shapes and forms. I was fascinated with how it all came together to serve a greater purpose. While I never thought of myself as an artist growing up, looking back now, it’s impossible not to see the creative connection between my childhood fascination with structures and my current work as a sculptor.  

When I collect found objects, such as discarded auto and machine parts, I enjoy connecting with each piece and the stories behind it as I give it a new life as part of a sculpture. From my backyard studio in Indianapolis, near Irvington on the city's eastside, I create whimsically architectural pieces that can stand alone, hang on a wall, or be built into the structures of buildings or homes.

I have had sculptures installed in Hammond, Indiana and Ljubljana, Slovenia, and my work has been shown at a variety of galleries and venues including the Harrison Center for the Arts, Big Car Gallery, SullivanMunce Gallery, and Chicago music venue, Cabaret Metro. More recent shows include a collaborative installation called “Debris Tree” at Flat 12 Bierwerks, a one-man show called “Steel Trees” at the Athenaeum Foundation, and a group show at the Stutz gallery in Indianapolis.  

As a long-time resident of Indianapolis, I am very proud to be an active part of the flourishing art scene within the city. I happily host Backyard Scrapyard Film Nights where local artists and art appreciators can visit my studio space and view vintage films projected on and around structures from the same era. I hope to continue to have the opportunity to share my work, both locally and across the globe, as I further explore the mysterious allure of found objects through sculptural creation.